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4 Seasons Air Duct is the Baltimore, MD dryer duct cleaning expert you can trust for dryer vent cleaning, inspection, and repair. From cleaning to inspection and repairing the air vent, dryer vent, chimney, etc., you can call our expert for cleaning and repairing services. Let our qualified professionals do their job for you!

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

In a survey by National Fire Protection Association, approx. 17000 homes are destructed, at times severely. This is because of the impaired dryer, leading to a dryer fire. Also, in reality, around 50 deaths and 380 injuries take place in a year due to fires from the dryer vent.

All of this damage can be undone if you opt for dryer vent cleaning services from 4 Seasons Air Duct. However, before we talk about the procedure required for dryer vent cleaning Baltimore, let’s look at why it is important and the signs that tell us to go for dryer vent cleaning.

Why should you consider cleaning your dryer vent ?

A dryer is used for drying up your clothes. Therefore, when you use it, the air inside it is pulled in and heats the electric system. The air inside functions to dry and moisture your clothes. Additionally, the exhaust fan placed inside pushes the hot and moist air out thru the dryer’s vent.

The air from the dryer vent travels out to your home. In case you have an impaired or uncleaned dryer vent, then all of the hot and moist air would be trapped in your home. Unarguably, this is dangerous and might cause a deadly fire.

The air trapped leads to mold growth and rot, which makes your air conditioning system work harder. This eventually leads to higher electricity bills too!

Save yourself from fire and electricity bills by opting for dryer vent cleaning.

A dryer vent cleaning in progress in Baltimore, MD

What causes impairing of dryer vents?

Lint appears from the laundry when it dries your clothes. It is carried out along the air, where most of the lint filter traps it. However, the filter doesn't catch all of it. This calls for you to clean the filter after every load, but even the regular filter doesn't fully allow it to pass through. A lint is collected inside the drum and between the dryer and wall of the room. It is collected between the connection of the dryer and dryer vent, which isn't secure either. Over time, the buildup contributes toward the restriction, leading it to become hotter and even ignite the dryer.
A restricted air dryer means carbon monoxide sweeping in your home, which puts you and your family at risk.

What are the signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning?

Quite a few signs are listed below that tell you to clean your dryer vent, listed as follows:

  1. If your dryer requires more time than ever or not drying your clothes at all
  2. If you see lint present inside the body besides the lint filter
  3. If you don’t feel air traveling from the exterior vent when the dryer is running
  4. If the vent slats don’t open when the dryer is running
  5. If you smell musty or burning smell in the laundry room

When washing clothes, you must keep the above-listed signs in your mind. In case one of the sign is present, stop the dryer and not use it until professionals check it. You can call us for a detailed investigation and dryer vent cleaning services.

Why opt for 4 Seasons Air Duct for dryer vent cleaning in Baltimore, MD?

You can call us for dryer duct cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland and schedule an appointment. If you are looking for qualified professionals at an affordable price, 4 Seasons Air Duct is the right answer.

Our expert technicians make sure that your dryer vent is cleaned, repaired, and safe for use. Call us today for dryer vent cleaning. Save your energy, time, money, and most importantly, your life by keeping us on board.

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The dryer vent cleaning we refer to collects lints in the pipes inside the walls. You can't reach this place and therefore require our cleaning service.
It varies depending from one house to another. However, per national standards, inspection and cleaning should be done yearly
Yes, the buildup of a dirty dryer is a sign of a fire hazard.
The time range varies from 15 minutes to three hours, depending on the difficulty level.
Yes, we offer discounts to senior and military citizens

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