Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Maryland

Unarguably, there is nothing like a warm fireplace in the house.  And, if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while, it’s time to opt for a chimney cleaning service.  This is because one should never put their family at risk in a dangerous chimney fire.

Experts recommend that chimneys be inspected now and then and then cleaned accordingly.  The time frame of chimney maintenance is quite similar to a fireplace and wood stove if you use it.  If your chimney is scheduled for its annual cleaning, or you have bought a house with it, now is a good time to make a call for chimney maintenance.

For chimney cleaning Baltimore, you have to make a call at 4 Seasons Air Duct and schedule your appointment.

Why do you need to go for a chimney cleaning service?

Does your house feel like smoke, even when no fire is lit?  Is there a foul smell coming from the fireplace?  If your answer is ‘yes’ to any one of the questions, it’s an alert for chimney cleaning and maintenance.

Alternatively, if you haven’t opted for a chimney cleaning service for a long period, then schedule time for it.  Your home or commercial plot might catch fire without chimney maintenance and cleaning.  This is because the sparks come into contact with the chimney liner’s creosote deposits.

Creosote is a highly combustible byproduct of burning wood.  The product sticks to the chimney liner and builds up over it as the time passes, such as a tar-like substance.  Once there is enough quantity, it can be set alight, and you can see sparks up from the fireplace.  The heat of the resulting fire results in cracks in ceramic tiles and surrounding structures.  This allows the fire to spread around in your home.

The cracks of the ceramic tiles of the chimney liner and missing mortar permit poisonous carbon monoxide and break through your home.  This would result in an immediate risk to you and your family.  However, without inspecting the entire liner, there is no way one can tell about the condition of the chimney.

Chimney cleaning Baltimore is here to inspect it with high-tech equipment.  The team carefully checks every inch of your chimney.  Verify the number of creosote deposits, an aspect missing mortar, broken tiles of ceramic, and corrosion available on metal liners.

With a detailed inspection, the chimney sweep would be able to tell if you need chimney cleaning service or chimney maintenance.  Also, often people require both services before they can light up the fire.

When should you opt for a chimney cleaning service?

If you want to enjoy your health safely, you should opt for a chimney cleaning service and chimney maintenance.  Specifically, you can opt for these services at the start of fall or when the winter season begins.  This is because you use your fireplace for the first time every year.

However, if you use it frequently, it should be inspected after every two or three months to examine if it needs cleaning.

chimney cleaning

Why should you go for chimney service Baltimore?

4 Seasons Air Duct is proud to share that it is one of Baltimore’s best chimney cleaning services.  The team here makes sure to make your chimney structurally safe and clean to light up the fire again.

You can also select the facility of chimney liners.  The installation helps you to prevent birds from coming in and other debris.  This is because it blocks your liners and compromises your home safety.

Lighting up fire at a residential or commercial plot always comes with significant risk.  However, chimney cleaning service and maintenance on time reduce the safety risk down.  For this reason, you are required to make a call 4 Seasons Air Duct and schedule an appointment at the earliest.

For further queries and information, you can call us.  We are happy to assist you with chimney cleaning service and maintenance in Baltimore, MD.  Clean your chimneys at an affordable price.

Happy Cleaning!

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In order to enjoy your health, you can opt for a chimney cleaning service before the beginning of the fall and winter seasons. However, if you use the fireplace frequently, you must get it cleaned now and then.
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