Laundromat Dryer Cleaning Services in Maryland

Keeping a dryer vent clean in a business facility is complicated and requires trained and skilled professionals. It ensures that your clothes come out clean and your unit has a longer lifespan.

If your commercial dryer vent isn’t cleaned frequently, it leads to lint and residue buildup. Further, this creates many problems and might lead to fire hazards. 

The dryer vent in commercial facilities works non-stop and thus requires more cleaning. If you aren’t sure when the last time the dryer vent in your commercial facility was cleaned, you are free to contact 4 Seasons Air Duct.

Once an appointment is scheduled, our team offers a professional consultation. The process includes examining the whole place before the process, and a price estimate will be offered before the deed is done.

Our air dryer vent cleaning specialists are trained and have expertise in dealing with all types and sizes of ductwork systems. No job is considered too complicated for them. For this reason, our team tops the rank in the cleaning industry!

Signs that signal your dryer vents need cleaning

Several signs alert you to clean your dryer vent. At first, the increased drying time can be an apparent symptom. If you have to run the dryer for longer to achieve completely dried clothes, it is likely due to a clogged vent and needs immediate attention.

Another tell-tale sign on the list is when the dryer becomes hot during function. A dryer is warm during operation but shouldn’t be hot to touch. Further, it should not get to a point where you can see air coming from the dryer vent.

Lastly, if you notice a bad smell, it might be due to the lint buildup in the dryer vent that needs immediate cleaning. Lint is incredibly flammable, so if it is caught around exhaust or hose, you must call a professional to carry out detailed examination. Stop the machine immediately before it bursts out, and call a professional from 4 Seasons Air Duct.

How are commercial dryer vents cleaned?

Cleaning of commercial or residential dryer vents should be left for a professional only. Looking at the signs above, if you think your dryer vent needs to be cleaned, call a specialist for help.

Professional and skilled cleaners first go for a detailed examination or inspection. They inspect pipework and vents to rule out immediate concerns that must be dealt with first. Once they are sure that the infrastructure doesn’t require repairing and has been deemed safe, they jump onto their professional tools and machinery to clean a dryer vent.

After inspection and cleaning, the next step is eliminating debris and accumulated lint. Now, for deep cleaning, trained skills man move forwards to deep clean filters and ductwork—lastly, the handover a report to you, explaining how the work has been carried out.

How often are commercial dryer vents cleaned?

Commercial dryer vents are much larger than their residential counterparts. Therefore, one might think that the commercial dryer vent doesn’t require cleaning frequently and can be cleaned after 3-5 years.

However, laundromat owners prefer a regular cleaning routine, keeping in mind that a commercial dryer vent is expensive. For this reason, cleaning them regularly and running them at optimum capacity to achieve healthy profits makes sense.

The smallest lint buildup puts a significant amount of strain on the machine and exhausts it. This results in a longer drying time, increased energy bills, and less profit for business owners. Therefore, regular cleaning doesn’t only reduce the risk of fire, but it also works efficiently

Commercial Dryer Vent Before and after cleaning

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Yes, the cleaning process is different and requires an examination first from a skilled technician
It takes more time compared to the residential dryer vent. The cleaning process might take up to 60 minutes to three hours, depending on the situation
Yes, we do. You can call us during business hours and schedule an appointment for a consultation.
Even though our services are reasonably priced, we do offer discounts to senior and military citizens.

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