Mold Inspection, Testing & Removal Services in Maryland

Our homes are sealed all around to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems. In turn, it significantly lessens the air circulation in our home. However, the HVAC system creates quite a lot of moisture. This, in turn, results in an ideal breeding ground for mold throughout your air ducts, blower motor, and evaporator coil.

Therefore, this call for mold testing and removal from our experienced team at 4 Seasons Air Duct!

When do you require mold inspection?

4 Seasons Air Duct is called for the following causes, listed below:

While looking for mold growth, you can always go a step ahead and look out for water damage. Water damage is the primary culprit and contributes significantly to its development.
The infestation leads to the presence of bubbles on painted walls. If you suspect it, look out at the borders of such places, including washroom, wash area, etc. The most likely areas for it are areas with more moisture.
The strange odor in your home is a total giveaway for it. The more severe the growth is, the stronger the smell is. Therefore, always look out for the musty smell from such areas.
Health is a concern, especially while you are spending time indoors. Ever since you are exposed to mold spores, the constant exposure considerably affects your health. Allergic reactions due to mold growth include nasal congestion, coughing constantly, and watery eyes.

Property owners are required to understand that they might notice the mold growth after it has grown considerably. The contamination starts when mold develops inside your home and farm in places with moisture and warmth.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we help people with mold testing and removal and find out the source. The truth is mold is all around us in our homes. However, our indoor environment has acceptable levels. An inspection carried out with testing mold is simply a guess about your indoor air quality.

In a responsible organization, when a client opts for mold inspection, they opt for mold testing and removal. Further, we determine how far the mold has been spread, which recognizes our work area too.

The process for mold testing and removal:

Mold Testing & Removal

4 Seasons Air Duct conduct the following steps, listed below for mold testing:

Our team reaches on time in a cleaned uniform with a marked vehicle when you schedule an appointment. We are professional and courteous. At first, our team greets you and enters your home while wearing a shoe cover. Get you on board regarding all the work required for mold testing and removal.
Next, we look out at areas with considerable mold growth. For mold removal, a method is determined by our professional members. Further, a full mold inspection in Baltimore is also carried at other areas of your home to look out for development. After determining the method, approval from you is required to start the basic cleaning. After basic cleaning, the removal process begins with highly-tech equipment.
Once our cleaner has finished detailed cleaning of your HVAC system and rigorous cleaning of the evaporator coil and motor, our technician then jumps onto the following process. The next process is for mold remediation and treatment.

The step calls for removing hazardous and toxic material from your system. The process removes all traces of bacteria and mold colonies that might be attached to your walls.

Our technicians perform deep cleaning with highly efficient machinery.

Customer approval and depart:

Just like we take you on board before starting the process, we do not leave until our job is done and you are delighted with it. Here at 4 Seasons Air Duct, we aim to offer complete satisfaction. This is our number one goal too! Our company makes sure to satisfy its client with the process.

4 Seasons Air Duct goes above and beyond for its mold removal and testing services. To date, our clients are delighted with our services at affordable prices.

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4 Seasons Air Duct offers mold testing and removal from the air duct. It is a detailed process, including inspection and removal of mold after thoroughly cleaning
One might wonder about the signs of mold growth. The signs include a musty odor from your air conditioning system, and you might have allergy symptoms. In worst cases, you can even see mold around the dryer vent
It can affect anyone in your house. Most of the time, people show sneezing, itchy and swollen eyes. More severe reactions include shortness of breath and fever. Further, people with asthma are already more susceptible to the effects of mold
It would help if you opted for mold testing and removal after every six months or once a year
It usually requires 15 minutes to three hours max

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