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For making your house look upgraded and well-maintained, renovations are a must. But because renovation activities require grinding, sanding, scraping, or demolishing old structures, it generates a lot of dust particles.

Harm that Dust Particles cause During Renovation

It is advised that you vacate the premises while the renovation activities are going on because the dust and debris can cause you issues with breathing. Very fine dust particles also make their way into your lungs, causing lung issues as well.

In addition to this, dust particles of hazardous substances like asbestos, lead or silica can be quite damaging to your health. According to the CDC, breathing in silica dust can cause the particles to get trapped in your lung tissue. This causes scarring and inflammation which impacts the ability of the lungs to take in oxygen. This condition, derived from the name silica, is called silicosis and the damage is irreversible.

While chronic silica can cause over years of inhaling silica dust, heavy exposures can cause quick progression of the issue.

This silica dust and other forms of debris can make its way into any carpets left out during the process and most importantly, in your air duct system.

The Process of Air Duct Cleaning after Renovation

The Process of Air Duct Cleaning after Renovation

Yearly air duct cleaning is a must to assure that the dust and debris collected in the walls of the ductwork is clean. This thorough cleaning routine also helps get rid of mold and mildew growth which again, impacts the air quality in your home.

But after renovation work it is a must to get your air ducts cleaned by professionals, even if you have had them cleaned a couple of months or even days ago. Here here’s 4seasonsairduct’s process of air duct cleaning after a renovation project:

Putting a Protective Floor Cover

The first step to cleaning an air duct is covering the floor to assure that the particles don’t disseminate into the air.

According to research, unless a proper process is followed, air duct cleaning can cause a rise in pollutants, thereby decreasing the air quality. This is contrary to the aim of the air duct cleaning process.

However, 4seasonsairduct’s process traps the dust particles as they exit from the ductwork because of the negative pressure applied to it.

Applying Pressure

The second step in the process is sealing the duct and applying negative pressure. This allows the collected dust and debris to exit the duct.

Vacuuming the Debris

Next, the debris is vacuumed with a powerful machine that keeps any harmful dust particles from the renovation out of the house.

Air Filter Replacement

Lastly, the air filters are replaced to assure that the air duct is clean and ready to work safely and with full efficiency again.

Final Words

During the renovation process, there might be so much on your mind that you might not have getting the air ducts cleaned before you move in on the list. However, getting air ducts cleaned after renovation is crucial because the dust and debris generated from the activity does not just cause breathing problems temporarily, but might cause issues that deteriorate your lungs up to the point of no return.

4seasonsairduct‘s air duct cleaning process makes sure that no dust and debris are left behind. So, if you have had your renovations in the Baltimore, Maryland area, call up the professionals to complete the cleaning before you move into your renovated house.

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