$99 Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts can gather dust, debris, pet hair, and even get mold. Because air ducting is the way your HVAC system circulates air in the house, it must be sparkling clean. But professional air duct cleaning costs way more. What if I tell you that in $99, air duct cleaning is possible?

Read on to find out!

Because of the negligence in cleaning, mostly indoor air has 2-5 times more pollutants than outdoor air. However, researchers have found that air duct cleaning does more harm than good, unless done correctly. But if you ditch DIY cleaning for a professional solution, the prices range anywhere between $200 – $500.

You might find toolkits for brushing up the insides of the air duct for as less as $20, but when you loosen up the dust and debris inside the ductwork, it quickly disseminates into the air. Thereby it raises the pollutants in the indoor air, which is the opposite of what the entire purpose of the exercise is.

$99 Air Duct Cleaning – Is it Realistic?

Let’s be honest, the minimum wage rate in Maryland is $11.75 an hour.

  • If three workers come to your place, it makes $35.25 an hour.
  • Considering that they keep a 20% profit margin, they have only $79.2 to spare.
  • If the workers put in 2 hours to clean, they only have $8.7 left to cover operational expenses and equipment costs.

Do you still believe that a company offering $99 can offer you quality cleaning? Do you believe that they have the money to get licensing and training their employees to meet EPA standards?

While a thorough air duct cleaning takes around 2-3 hours for a mid-sized house, untrained, unlicensed, and underpaid employees might not be putting in the effort it takes to thoroughly clean ductwork.

Just blowing up the dust and debris inside the ductwork means that soon, it will settle down again. So, what might be costing you $99, might cost you around $200, even if you get it repeated only twice as much as required.

So, in a year, you’ll be spending $200 for two $99 air duct cleaning. In addition to this, you might be spending more on healthcare because of the poor air quality that you and your family members are breathing in.

How To Get $99 Air Duct Cleaning

$99 Air Duct Cleaning

You can get professional air duct cleaning for $20 per month. Know how?

But before we get on to how you can get air duct cleaning in $20, let’s see what you get in $99.

$15 Blow and Go

When you hire a company that claims to clean ductwork for $99, you are actually paying much more than that. These so-called “professionals” claim to offer duct cleaning for $99, but only use $15 worth of a professional industrial air blow gun to do the job.

More Frequent Cleanings

The result of using only a blower to clean the ductwork is that they are not using proper equipment to catch the dust, debris, and particulates before they disseminate into the air. It’s the same as using a DIY kit to clean out the air ducts.

They Upsell

They might claim to offer you the entire cleaning in $99, but they have hidden charges that add up to the costs. The lack of transparency is how they sell. They might also try upselling services like mold removal.

Also $99 might not include the complete cleaning. Typically, a complete air duct cleaning includes the following:

  • Cleaning the cooling coils and the heat exchangers
  • Servicing the fan motor and housing
  • Cleaning up the HVAC system
  • Condensate drip pans and drainpipes

$20 Air Duct Cleaning

In just around $20 a month, you can get professional air duct cleaning from 4seasonsairduct. Here’s all you get in this price:

  • Complete HVAC system cleaning and maintenance
  • 15 supply vents, 3 return vents
  • High pressure airduct cleaning
  • Furnace inspection

Also, since our workers are trained in cleaning as well as professional service, they won’t use cheap upselling tactics. They will only recommend services when they detect a need for it. Plus, with our professional air duct cleaning, and maintenance tips, you can even put off air duct cleaning for 18 months.

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