4 Easy Steps to Remove a Birds Nest with Eggs

Birds are one of nature’s craftiest creatures. They construct nests with such intricacy that it stands mounted on treetops, air ducting, and chimneys unless destroyed by a powerful external force.

However, sometimes they can build nests in the most inconvenient places like inside the pocket of a coat, a spare tire, or even in your ductwork!

If the birds lay eggs in the nest, it becomes next to impossible to relocate it safely. Secondly, if the nest is relocated with the eggs inside, the parents might abandon the eggs, making it impossible for the hatchlings to survive on their own.

Lastly, if the nest and eggs belong to one of the 800 bird species that are protected under the law, moving it would mean that you must pay hefty fines. So, before we get on to how to remove a birds nest, here are the birds nest and eggs that can be relocated:

Which Bird Nest and Eggs can be Relocated?

The following bird species are not protected under the law. So, relocating their nests and eggs is not illegal:

  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • House Sparrow
  • Brown-headed Cowbird
  • European Starling
  • Common Grackle
  • American Crow

If you find any of these bird species making nests in inconvenient places, try disrupting them while they are building the nest. This is because once they complete the nest and lay eggs inside, relocating it means a danger of egg abandonment.

How to Remove a Birds Nest with Eggs?

How to Remove a Birds Nest with Eggs?

If the nest is in a place that threatens the life of the eggs and the birds, it leaves you no choice but to move it. Follow the following 4 steps how to remove a birds nest with eggs:

Step 1: Drive Away the Birds

If the nest has eggs inside, chances are that the bird will try to attack you to protect their eggs when you come close. The first step is locating the nest and making sure you send a message to the birds to drive them away for a little while.

Once they are gone, you can quickly do the work.

Step 2: Use PPEs

The second step is to wear a face mask and latex gloves to prevent touching the pathogens from bird droppings. Also make sure that you’re wearing eye protection and clothing that protects you arms and legs as well. This way the bird will not be able to harm you.

Step 3: Relocating the Nest

Now you carefully take the nest out of the space and relocate it within 100 meters of the original location. This way the birds can find their nest and eggs easily. 

Step 4: Cleaning

Next, clean the area with a bleach solution to get rid of the bird droppings. You should also dispose off your gloves. Clean your clothes and reusable respiratory mask in warm water. Rinse your hands, feet, and face thoroughly.

Calling for Professional Help

Since more than 800 bird species are protected in the US, there is a high chance that the bird that has made a nest belongs to one of these species. If you are unable to identify the kind of bird that has built a nest and laid eggs, make sure you call for professional help. Otherwise, you will have to pay heavy fines.

Also, relocating a bird nest with eggs safely to another location is hard work. You cannot just watch a tutorial on how to remove a birds nest and do the job right. So, it is better to call the professionals so they can relocate the nest in a way that decreases the chances of abandonment and egg damage.

Final Words

4seasonsairduct offers bird nest removal service in Baltimore, Maryland. The professionals thoroughly inspect the nest and only relocate if the eggs are hatched.

If it is not possible to relocate the nest, they recommend strategies that could help keep the nuisance at a minimum before the hatchlings fly from the nest and it is possible to remove it.

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