Air Duct Inspection and Cleaning Process

The pandemic has changed one thing for the better: it has inculcated a habit in all of us to keep clean. Commercial air duct cleaning is one amongst the many practices to keep the office space clean, so it is safe for the employees and the customers.

Many businesses, especially restaurants, are supposed to keep the kitchen area spotless clean. Even though air duct cleaning is one of the many cleaning routines practiced around the workspace, it might be ignored because it is out of sight. It might be that when the employees start getting a faint odor from the ductwork, it is noticed, and commercial air duct cleaning services are called.

It is recommended that this should be one of the most important cleanliness practices around the office since the vents reach to every space in the building. If the ductwork is not clean, the dust and debris can make its way in the air, lowering its quality. It also gives rise to allergens in the air that the employees breathe which might be a root cause for several sick leaves during a particular time of the year.

What is Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

The HVAC system works by pulling air into the system and heating or cooling it before pushing it back into the building. The air is full of dust particles and allergens. While a certain level of pollutants is acceptable in the air, since the ductwork is not cleaned out frequently, it may be accumulating on the walls.

Since the ducts are above the ceiling, getting it done in-house might not be a feasible solution since the janitorial staff might damage the ductwork and the vents in the process. Only professional commercial air duct cleaning services like 4seasonsairduct can help properly clean out air ducts in commercial places like offices, factories, and even commercial kitchens.

Here is a list of everything covered in air duct cleaning and more:

1.       Cleaning internal air ducts

2.       The supply ductwork

3.       The returning ductwork (from where the cool or hot air is supplied)

4.       HVAC motor cleaning

5.       Filter changes

6.       Checking on cooling and heating coils

7.       Exhaust fans cleaning

So, commercial air duct cleaning does not only mean the ductwork, but anything that may be contributing to debris and operational inefficiency.

5 Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

5 Benefits of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Before you spend money on hiring a professional service for cleaning the air ducts, you must know what benefits it presents for your business.

Here are the benefits of commercial air duct cleaning:

1. Improved Air Quality

A low air quality in the building means that all the employees are being impacted by it. Since they spend a great deal of time inside the building, they should be breathing in air that does not trigger their allergies or impact the respiratory functioning. An air quality solution like that offered by 4seasonsairduct is perfect for improving the quality of air indoors.

2. Reduces Fire Hazard

Whether you believe it or not, clogged air ducts pose a fire hazard. The risk increases when the HVAC system is carrying out hot air in the winter months. Therefore, it is recommended to clean out the air ducts in the fall season, so the heat does not cause a fire to break out. 

3. Reducing Electricity Costs

Apart from a fire hazard, clogged air ducts also rack up the electricity bills. This is because the HVAC system works extra hard to push out air from clogged filters. Therefore, filter changes every few months and a complete deep clean of the ductwork at least once a year is recommended. This also increases the life of the system and therefore the need to be replaced arises.

4. Eliminating Unpleasant Odors

Cleaning out air ducts periodically results in the removal of allergy causing pollutants. However, it also gets rid of the pungent smell that employees might feel as they enter a building. Mold buildup in the ductwork might be the cause of these smells and needs to be eliminated because it is a serious health hazard.

4seasonsairduct also offers mold testing services if the company does not want to go for a full-fledged cleaning before identifying the need for it.

5. Eliminating Pest Infestations

Many times, pests like cockroaches and bugs can infest the office. Insecticides might not work if the pests are inhabiting the air ducts. Therefore, one crucial reason why air duct cleaning is a must is eliminating this nuisance.

This is not only essential for the foodservice industry, but also offices who don’t want to make losses because of employees calling in sick due to bacteria spread by pests.

Professional Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services Near Me?

Now that it is clear why air duct cleaning is necessary in commercial buildings, it is easy to hire services that do not have a professional team to carry out the cleaning to yield all these benefits.

In fact, in the Baltimore, Maryland area, 4seasonsairduct is one of the best commercial air duct cleaning companies because they have the tools and an expert team to carry out the task quickly and effectively.

They also offer disinfecting services so that you can relax while the janitorial staff does work that they are most experienced in. So, the employees can focus on their work and everyday to-do list while the professionals do their work with minimum interference.

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