5 Reasons Air Duct Mold Cleaning is MUST after Summer

The summer season is over. With the colors of fall just starting to show, it is just about time for home maintenance, particularly air duct mold cleaning to recover from the damage done by the humid weather in Baltimore.

While air ducts require cleaning periodically, it especially needs cleaning after the summer season because the humidity levels result in the dust and debris collecting inside the vents. If the air ducts do not have a smooth flow, the humidity levels inside the duct work rise and cause a favorable atmosphere for mold and mildew to grow.

Why is Air Duct Mold Cleaning Necessary?

Therefore, air duct cleaning before the summer season is necessary to make sure that the dust and debris do not cause the growth of mold and mildew. However, after the summer again, an air duct mold cleaning routine is required to get rid of debris collected over the summer months and get rid of any mold developing.

Here are five reasons why air duct cleaning is a must after the summer season:

1. Improving the Efficiency of the HVAC System

The first benefit that cleaned air ducts give is an efficient HVAC system. The dust and debris in the ductwork and the filters cause the machine to work extra hard to pump out the air, therefore, racking up the energy bills. And not just this, an unclean air duct also shortens the life of the system. Therefore, for improved efficiency and an increased life of the HVAC system, cleaning out the ductwork and filters of debris and mold is necessary.

2. Improving the Air Quality

Fall is the season of allergies. Family members of all ages suffer from allergies in the fall that cause runny nose, a sore throat, and fever. To make sure that the dust and mold that causes these allergies is cleaned out, air duct mold cleaning and debris cleaning is a must, especially after summer in which the HVAC must have been running more than any other time in the year, thus accumulating great amounts of dust and debris and the humidity providing an environment in which mold multiplies quickly.

Professional 4seasonsairduct’s air quality solutions help you to remain worry free and let the experts handle the work.

3. Reduce the Chances of Mold Multiplying in the Ductwork

Because the summer months and the dust and debris results in added humidity within the ductwork, it provides just the right environment for mold and mildew to grow. If you feel a musty smell when you enter the home after a while, it means that mold and mildew vapors are circulating the air.

It is necessary to get air duct mold cleaning then. But even if you don’t smell the mold, it does not mean that it has not inhabited the ductwork. It might be in the early stages; therefore, it is better to get the ductwork cleaned as winter approaches because when the ductwork is not in use during that time, if mold is present, it can grow to a great degree.

4seasonsairduct also provides mold testing facility in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Since mold only becomes noticeable to homeowners when it has grown considerably, it is necessary to get mold testing done if you have had a recent air duct cleaning routine.

4. Get Rid of Pests from the Ductwork

Air ducts and HVAC machines are an ideal place for pests to nest and multiply. This is because the warmth in the summer months might give a good environment for pests to lay eggs. If you have gone for even a week-long holiday in the summer months, the idle HVAC system and ductwork can have a pest infestation.

4seasonsairduct offers professional air duct cleaning services at your doorstep in Baltimore. You only have to specify you needs and a team of experts will be there to resolve the issue.

5. Prepare the HVAC System for Winters

Scheduling a deep cleaning of the air ducts and the ventilation system during the fall is a great way to ensure that the ductwork is ready for the winter months. The dirty ductwork will only contribute to allergens in the indoor air in the fall and winter months, thus contributing to allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Hiring Professional Air Duct Mold Cleaning Services

Hiring Professional Air Duct Mold Cleaning Services Near Me

If you want to hire professional air duct cleaning, repair, and maintenance, hire a service that promises an expert team visitation. There are many services in Baltimore, Maryland, but 4seasonsairduct only hires experts who know how the work is done.

Since every ductwork is different, only professionals and experts can handle the maintenance and cleaning, without incurring any damages.

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