Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning – two words that make up the shortest horror story. Know what is more horrifying than a deep clean of the vent duct? The fact that research has found that ventilation duct cleaning does more harm than good!

But what is the truth to this statement? After all, dust particles and mold do collect and grow on the vent duct surface and the minute particles must be floating in the air as the vent works, right? It makes sense because any duct that is contributing to the air quality should be clean, right? Wrong!

According to research, dust particles that stick to the insides of the vent are unlikely to make their way into the air around the house because they are not airborne. These dust particles are already a part of the air that is outside the house. And the fact that air quality outside is 2 to 5 times better than the air quality inside the house shows that these dust particles are harmless.

When heavy duty equipment stirs up the dust in the ventilation system, it actually becomes airborne and worsens the air quality.

Should we Boycott Ventilation Duct Cleaning?

The fact that many unprofessional and newbie cleaners are in the industry for the money makes the fact true that ventilation duct cleaning makes the air quality worse. This is because they might leave the ductwork shiny and squeaky clean, the dust that stirs up in the house causing a rise in the particle levels is likely to cause allergic reactions.

These unprofessional ventilation duct cleaning services also make claims starting with “Studies have shown that…” to validate their claims. But in reality they have little idea about what constitutes deep cleaning and how air quality is improved.

Ventilation Duct Cleaning

4SeasonsAirDuct Ventilation Duct Cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland

The professionals at 4seasonsairduct know exactly the type of issues that require cleaning. The studies that show an increased particle level in the environment after cleaning do not take into account the extent of dust collected in the surfaces.

A professional would never recommend deep cleaning a ventilation duct that has a level of dust that is equivalent to the particle level found outside the house.

A professional, especially ones at in the Baltimore, Maryland area would focus on the following aspects:

1) Getting the Filters Changed

The first thing that home and apartment owners and tenants should follow is a frequent filer replacement. When filters are replaced within every 1-2 months, it prevents a lot of dust and debris from entering the home environment.

Professional ventilation duct cleaning services would make sure that your filters are in a good condition before proceeding to examine the ductwork.

2) Checking for any Mold

Mold and mildew growth results in a staunch smell around the house. If mold is growing in the ductwork because of humidity, it is essential to get the vents cleaned out because mold can worsen the air quality. This issue is more prevalent during summer months when the vent ducts are operating more than usual to keep the environment cool inside.

The evaporator coils are the source of mold and mildew growth, so a professional would always get to the root cause to make sure the problem is eliminated and clean up the ductwork.

3) Dust Deposits that Warrant Cleaning

While a little dust is not unhealthy for humans, when dust accumulates to the level that it makes duct bunnies, it warrants for a deep cleaning because these dust bunnies do not stick to the surface and make their way in the air.

Final Word

If you are residing in the Baltimore, Maryland area, the professional services offered by 4seasonsairduct are a must since these services are essential to maintaining a healthy home and keeping the appliances running efficiently.

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